Broughton Plant Hire Product Update

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Broughton Plant Hire & Sales have received some important technical information. It appears that Geberit/Novopress are concerned that adaptor jaws with the designation “ZB321/ZB322” may have reached the end of their service life. The adaptors concerned were manufactured between 2001 and 2007 and in RARE instances these adaptors could break. Broughton Plant Hire & Sales are actively removing any affected adaptors from the fleet and replacing them with the new style ZB323 and ZB324 adaptors. However, if any of our customers are hiring a ZB321 adaptor with a serial number between 101 – 5228 or a ZB322 adaptor with a serial number between 101 -2978 please contact our hire desk and we can arrange for this to be exchanged ASAP.

Rest assured that only the adaptors mentioned above are affected. For all adaptor jaws manufactured from 2008 onwards this risk is ruled out as far as Geberit/Novopress are concerned due to technical modifications made to the adaptors.

If you have any questions you wish to ask please feel free to contact our hire desk to discuss this further.

Please click on the link below to see the location of the serial numbers on adaptor jaws.




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