Sustainability Policy

Our mission is to provide safe, reliable hire equipment and services to enable the successful delivery of our customers projects. This requires an ongoing commitment to the principles of responsible, sustainable growth working with our suppliers, customers and manufacturers to reduce our impact on the environment and increase our positive impact in the community. This has required us to change and focus on the way we purchase, use and dispose of the products and services we own and consume. Our belief is that sustainability should be viewed as the driving force for cost reduction and efficiency, meeting both commercial as well as environmental goals.

By working in partnership with our customers, suppliers and manufacturers we can both reduce the scale of the impact our business and others have as well as increase the speed of progress.

Carbon Neutral

Broughton Plant Hire and Sales are proud to be a certified carbon neutral company. We believe this is a huge step in our sustainability journey. Meaning that our (already minimized) carbon emissions are offset as we have invested in a project to eliminate those emissions.

Partnering with a global sustainability team, Climate Partners, we are able to make some big strides on our sustainability journey towards becoming carbon net zero.

We are supporting renewable energy projects for the expansion of green energy generation across various countries in Asia. These include wind and solar energy projects, hydropower projects as well as biogas and biomass projects.

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Key Business Objectives

  • To measure, monitor, manage and reduce the environmental impact of our business operations.
  • Assess both the environmental and social impacts of all strategic decisions within the business.
  • To work with our customers, suppliers and manufacturers to address sustainability issues and develop a ‘Green’ product range
  • Ensure we use HVO fuel for our fleet of equipment where possible
  • To work alongside our supply chain and customers to communicate sustainability awareness at site level.
  • To exchange best practice ideology and advocate responsible business practice throughout the extended supply chain.
  • To engage our people on this agenda at both innovation and implementation stages to champion best practice within the workplace and encouraging behavioural change.
  • To support the local communities in which we operate and to offer opportunities of support to disadvantaged sections of these communities.

Climate Change and Energy Business Objectives

  • Reduce demand by using water saving technologies (water meters) and using rain water where feasible and cost effective to do so.
  • Focus on Energy Consumption and reduce where it is practicable to do so. We will remote monitor power consumption and target high usage. Energy efficient options will be incorporated within the business wherever possible such as energy efficient light bulbs and automatic controls in newer premises, which will supplement good housekeeping such as switching off equipment when not in use.
  • Reduce the carbon emissions of the vehicle fleet that we operate by mapping routes and measuring route adherence. Ensure our vehicle fleet comprises of the latest vehicles which are the most fuel efficient. Driver training includes daily vehicle checks and best driving practices to ensure optimum efficiency. Via our FORS accreditation our driver’s complete courses covering environmental best practice, promoting defensive, more economic driving leading to reduced fuel costs and ensures we remain one step ahead. In a recent survey FORS silver members show a 12% improvement in fuel usage and a 14% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Ensure we use HVO fuel for our fleet of equipment. HVO fuel is a FAME-free and fossil free environmentally- friendly alternative to mineral diesel with a wide range of OEM approvals for use in modern vehicles, rail and inland waterways, generators, construction machinery and industrial power systems.

Ryan Barry

Managing Director