Novopress ACO203 and ACO103 Press Tools Are Back In Stock

Broughton Plant Hire & Sales

Broughton Plant Hire are pleased to announce that the Novopress Press tool’s ACO203 and ACO103 are now back in stock for sale.

The ACO103 is the successor of the ACO102 and comes with additional features which make installations even easier and safer.

The ACO203 is now more efficient and lighter. Thanks to the reduced weight compared to its predecessor, the ACO202, the tools are now even handier and easier to work with.

Thanks to the new, implemented bluetooth® technology, device-related data can be requested via the NovoCheck app on both these press tools.

For more information on the ACO103 Click here:

For more information on the ACO203 Click here:

To place an order or for more information please contact us on 01708 383 350.