Fincord M

Fincord M

Fincord M
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Fincord M

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Welding Rods.

Type : Fincord M

Price Per Carton = 3 Packets

Size Price Per Carton Price Per Packet

2.5mm £P.O.A £P.O.A

3.2mm £P.O.A £P.O.A

4mm £P.O.A £P.O.A

5mm £P.O.A £P.O.A
A Versatile Rutile Coated Electrode For A Wide Variety Of Mild Steel Fabrications. Ideal For Fillet And Butt Joints In All Positions. The Medium Coating Allows For The Touch Welding Technique. Smooth Weld Transfer, Low Spatter And Self-Releasing Slag.Dc+/-, Ac (Ocv 50v)