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Ridgid 258

Ridgid 258 Hydraulic/Powered Pipe Cutter 2 1/2 Inch to 8 Inch


The RIDGID Model 258 Power Pipe Cutter cuts 2 1/2 Inch (65 mm) to 8 Inch (200 mm) schedule 10*/40 steel pipe, galvanized pipe, rigid conduit, etc.


Due Cento

Rems Due Cento 2 Inch to 8 Inch


Robust, mobile compact machine. Universal for cutting pipes. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop.


Fein Recipricating Saw

Fein Reciprocating Pipe Saw 100mm to 325mm C/W Clamp


Hacksaw for pipes and profiled sections.


Ridgid 258XL

Ridgid 258XL Hydraulic/Powered Pipe Cutter 8 Inch to 12 Inch


The RIDGID 258XL offers 8 Inch (200 mm) to 12 Inch (300 mm) diameter pipe cutting capacity. Powered by the RIDGID No. 700 Power Drive, the 258XL is a displacement cutter that provides square cuts.


550 Recip Saw

Ridgid 550 Reciprocating Saw 1/2 Inch to 6 Inch


Powerful electric saw that only ways 3.2kg.


Ridgid 590-L Dry Cut Saw

Ridgid 590L 14 Inch Dry Cut Saw


Ridgid 590L Dry Cut saw produces clean, virtually burr-free cuts on steel, copper, aluminium and plastics and an adjustable cutting angle 45 degrees - 90 degrees. Cuts Steel Tube up to 130mm and 115mm Box Section
Broughton Plant Hire provide a wide range of Powered Pipe Cutters equipment available for hire in addition to our core fleet. So please do not hesitate in contacting us - whatever your specific need and wherever you are in the country we may be able to help.
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We are here to help

Don't hesitate to contact us, we are available Monday to Friday from 8am.