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LGMG AS0607WE Electric Scissor Lift

Battery powered, zero emissions and quiet drive mean this machine is environmentally friendly. Efficient electric drive system provides longer-lasting performance and better gradeability.


Full Body Safety Harness c/w Lanyard

Full Body Safety Harness c/w Fall Restraint Lanyard



Genie GR15

The Genie GR-15 has a compact chassis meaning it can still travel in many passenger elevators and the operator can drive it through doorways, increasing productivity. Ideal for warehousing, stock-picking, transporting, inventory management and general maintenance, the intuitive joystick controls offer proportional lift and drive for a smooth ride.



Genie GR20

The Genie GR-20 offers an impressive 8m working height and a safe working load of 139kg, ample for one person plus tools. With a stowed height of less than 2m, it will still pass through standard interior doorways, making the Genie GR-20 suitable for a wide range of maintenance applications.



Genie GS-1330m Scissor Lift

The Genie® GS™-1330m scissor lift is designed for low-level access and space restricted applications. It is equipped with an efficient, all-electric DC drive system that offers productive power for getting around indoor jobsites with quiet, zero-emissions operation.


Genie GS1932 Scissor Lift

Genie GS1932

The GS1932 is a 19ft scissor lift with the flexibility to work both indoors and outside. It has the same zero inside turning radius and front wheel drive for working in tight spaces as the GS-1930, but is a lighter weight. It is only 2cm wider so it can still pass easily down corridors and through doorways.


GS 2032 scissor lift

Genie GS2032

The GS2032 provides a maximum working height of 7.9m from a chassis that is just 81cm wide. Capable of working on the slab both indoors and outside, the GS2032 is suitable for a range of tasks including facilities maintenance as well as construction and industrial applications.


Genie 2632

Genie GS2632

Genie GS2632 With a working height of 9.8m the Genie scissor lift offers capacity to lift two operators and their tools. Only 81cm wide and with a 1.16m stowed height, the GS-2632 is designed to pass easily down corridors and narrow aisles. A zero inside turning radius and front wheel drive help it navigate tight spots.



Genie GS2646

Genie GS2646 electric scissor lift with a working height of 9.92m. This electric scissor can lift two people with equipment when working indoors or outside, making it a flexible addition to any fleet. The GS2646 balances durability with excellent performance and ease of use. Maintenance is kept simple and straightforward thanks to swing-out trays and on-board diagnostics.



SS0407E Electric Scissor Lift

The LGMG SS Series scissor lifts offer an ideal solution for the low-level access and tight restricted application job sites. Shorter overall machine length and lighter weight makes it suitable for most elevators. Platform Capacity 240kg(530lbs) Max. Working Height 5.6m(18.4ft)



DeckRailXtra Pipe Carrier

The deckRailXtra® system is designed to safely restrain and hold materials in place, allowing freedom of movement for the Operator without any intrusion into the platform deck area. The deckRailXtra® system has been manufactured using state of the art engineering principles and an innovative, harmonised design approach, both ergonomic and intuitive to use, the whole system perfectly complementing the MEWP it is attached to.
Broughton Plant Hire provide a wide range of Self Propelled equipment available for hire in addition to our core fleet. So please do not hesitate in contacting us - whatever your specific need and wherever you are in the country we may be able to help.
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