Hitachi Cordless Stud Cutter

Hitachi Cordless Stud Cutter

Hitachi Cordless stud cutter.
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Hitachi Cordless stud cutter.

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  • High speed cutting of studs – up to 660 per charge (M10)
  • Cuts quickly and quietly with no sparks or chips
  • Minimal damage to the workpiece
  • Multi-edged blades prolong operating life
  • Convenient stud mounting hole enables rapid cutting of uniform lengths


Battery 2 x BSL1430 3.0Ah Li-Ion batteries
Charging Time 45 minutes
Max Cuts Per Charge (Mild steel studs) M10: 660, M8: 1020, M6: 1520, 3/8
Overall Length 277mm
Standard Accessories UC18YRSL charger, 2 x 3.0Ah Li-Ion batteries, wrench, M10 cutters, M10 deburring tool, carrying case.
Voltage 18V
Weight 2.9kg


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